DIY Installation Possible


50mm 2" PVC shutoff Valve

Replacement 50mm / 2 inch PVC Shutoff valve with custom adapter


Antenna extension - 3 m

Plug in 3 meter antenna extension for the AT301. Allows the antenna to be moved away from the AT301 Control Unit if the unit is shielded by being fitted deep underground or in an obstructed location.


Movement Sensor PIR 360 degree pattern

PIR Micro Movement Sensor for automated control of public washrooms and facilities. Sensor connects to Aquatrip Control Unit and if the water has been shut off, it will turn the water back on when someone goes to use the facility. Prevents long term water leaks running for weeks or months without preventive action. Water is always on when facility is required to be in use. 10 year Battery Life.


Cable to connect to sensors or switches

3 metres of two core cable with special interface plug, enables the AquaTrip AT201 Control Unit to connect to optional external reset switches or movement sensors.  (It MUST NOT be used on AT301 Systems!)

This allows the AT201 system to be reset after tripping by one of these external switch devices.  Comes supplied with 2 x 3M UR2 Scotchlok connectors and a Cable Tie.


90 Degree Adaptor for vertical pipe installations

This adaptor needs to be used if the pipe in which the shutoff valve is to be installed, is running vertically as opposed to horizontally. It serves to keep the AquaTrip Control Unit in a vertical orientation.


Slave Remote

Basic Extension Control Panel to suit AT301 and AT401R models (2 button version - White colour)

Used for Remote Reset of the AquaTrip systems.  Does NOT allow for any settings changes.  Ideal for when you require reset of the system from other locations on the property (e.g. Upstairs or in second residence).

1.5" SS

40mm (1.5 inch) Stainless Steel valve

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