Public Washrooms

and Toilets

How often do you go into a public toilet only to see the toilets or urinals running continuously, or a tap left on or vandalized. Many public toilets are often left unattended for long periods, and as a result any plumbing problems can go undetected or unreported for weeks or even months. 


Aquatrip automated Washroom control systems reduce maintenance schedules, identify problems and alert maintenance staff as they occur. They reduce emergency after hours call out requirements as leaks can be damaging and costly. 

Sports and

High Use Facilities

Many public schools and public sports wash room facilities often lack sufficient scheduled maintenance to stay on top of all plumbing problems within these facilities. By installing an Aquatrip, the control of the facility can be entirely automated and maintenance schedules can be extended as problems will be identified and controlled by the Aquatrip as soon as they occur. 

AquaTrip can assist government on two levels...

At a local level, municipal government has the responsibility to service and maintain large numbers of public toilets and washrooms  in public buildings, parks and other amenities. By using AquaTrip, it is possible for Maintenance Managers and Facility Managers to be in full control of these amenities without being in attendance. Automated AquaTrip systems monitor and control leaks as they occur, and eliminate the water waste caused by vandalism, aging facilities and regular plumbing failures.  This enables service schedules to be extended,  excess water bills to be eliminated, and less expensive overtime call outs for emergency repairs. AquaTrip is always in control, can be programmed to suit the facility, and maximizes councils human resources. 


In addition, incentive programs can be offered to community residents to install leak detectors as part of wider water savings programs.

Local & Municipal Government

Regional & State Government

Urban Planning & Building Codes

On a broader regional level, government must plan their infrastructure requirements to cope with population growth, urban density, climate change and often declining water resources. If a device such as Aquatrip is implemented as part of a Building Code or as part of an Local Government incentive program - there are two key benefits


1) Water consumption can be reduced across a community by at least 10% and in some older suburbs by up to 20%, and it is a program that saves continuously and indefinitely. Water waste within the community is eliminated and existing water resources will go further.


2) Just as an electricity Trip switch is mandated to protect the electrical integrity of a home, just so can a Water Trip switch protect the plumbing integrity in the same way. By eliminating leaks in a home, it would go a long way to improving the long term structure and durability and safety of that home.


Construction Codes

All modern homes have an electricity safety trip switch to protect the electrical appliances and wiring in a house against a short circuit and potential fire or electrocution.


In the same way, AquaTrip acts as Water Safety Trip Switch to protect the plumbing system of a modern home. By including a Water Trip switch as part of the Building Code when new houses are built,  building standards officers can improve the long term structure and durability of all houses, by permanently protecting these houses from the damaging effects of both large and small leaks which some times go unnoticed till the damage is already done.


Moisture from leaks under house slabs also attract termites which can cause damage to the wood content of homes.

Urban Planning

In an environment where water is in short supply or increased population growth will stretch longer term supply reserves, it is possible to make existing resources go at least 15% further, by having Aquatrip Leak Detectors fitted to all houses to eliminate water waste.


By identifying all leaks and water waste situations as they occur, water is left in the dam and not lost to waste.


Local government can maximize the available water resources, as they can be sure that water that would otherwise be lost to leaks will now be left in the storage facility, and more houses can be supplied from a smaller resource.


Householders can be incentivised to install a leak detector as part of wider water saving initiatives.



AquaTrip is a permanently installed Leak Detection System with an integrated automatic Shutoff Valve.

It functions as a Water Trip Switch, constantly monitoring all the plumbing pipes, fittings and water using appliances on the property.


If it detects a leak, a tap left running or some other plumbing failure, it will shut off the water automatically, to minimize water damage, prevent excess water bills and save water.


You can easily turn the water back on when required.

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