AquaTrip Customer Reviews

Garth Y.

British Columbia, Canada

I live in a neighborhood where Poly B plumbing was popular. I do have 1 line of Poly B remaining in the house. I live in a cul du sac with seven homes and three of these homes have recently experienced water damage claims that could have been reduced or eliminated with the AquaTrip device. One family had their flooring removed and replaced twice due to water damage. It is unlikely they'll be back in their home anytime soon either as the water damage has eroded the support around the foundation. We've heard the estimated damage to this single family home will be almost $150,000!!!

I'm happy to have peace of mind to know that if a leak occurs the maximum flow will be 20 minutes and we could probably clean that up with a pail, mop and some towels.


Bruce W.

British Columbia, Canada

As you know, I am employed by a large insurance company and I see great value in this product. The AquaTrip will reduce the severity of water escape claims, conserve water, and reduce the amount of landfill as the severity of these claims will be drastically reduced.

I want to elaborate on a personal note. Because of my strong belief in this product, I had it installed in our home. When it was installed, leaks were identified immediately in our toilets. The amount of water that was leaking down the sewer equated to around $500 in one year. By installing the AquaTrip, the savings in water alone will pay for itself in only a year. We replaced the toilets with new, more efficient, low-flow models which further increased our savings in water. As water is our most valuable resource, I feel great that I can contribute by lowering our consumption.

After about a month of the installation, my wife and I went away for a weekend holiday. Upon our return we immediately noticed that the water had been shut off. Upon further investigation, we learned that there was a leak in a fitting in our Jacuzzi tub. The water had sprayed onto the tile floor and as the AquaTrip set itself as “Away” mode, the water only leaked for 2 minutes. This was easily cleaned up and as a result I did not have to put in a claim. If this device had not been in our home, the water would have run onto the floor for 2 days. This would have resulted in a very large claim as our master bedroom is on the top of 3 floors.

I highly recommend everyone to install this device in their homes to not only mitigate a big claim, but also to help conserve our most valuable resource – water.

The Jackson Family "Water Event"

Britsih Columbia, Canada

July 2012 is dreadfully known as the “water event” in the Jackson household. It began while we were having a wonderful summer family vacation. While we were basking on the beach on the Sunshine Coast, the “water event” was working it’s way through our home. At the end of it’s journey, the “water event” caused $150,000 in damage and huge inconvenience to our family and life.

A section of our piping in our crawlspace broke and our hot-water on demand system kept delivering hot water through the pipe. 130 degree steam and water was filling our crawlspace and the steam began to fill our house. Because we were away for many days, the steam bath continued until our arrival home. When we walked through the front door we walked into what can only be described as a tropical rainforest. Water was dripping from everything and the temperature and humidity was 98 degrees.

Everything was warped, the ceilings, flooring and crown molding were soaked and swelling. Water was dripping from all the light fixtures and water had rusted our duct system. Nothing was left untouched. Thus began our 1 year relationship with the insurance company, restoration company and various trades. It was a very hard year with many hurtles. Here are a few of them:
·       We were re-located to a hotel for 3 ½ months. Our two children and dog and cat lived with us in a hotel where cooking was minimal and the kids had to be driven to and from school everyday.

·       Try living in a hotel while doing shift work. The hotel comes alive while you are trying to sleep.

·       We had to put all our expenses on a credit card to the tune of approximately $36,000 and the monthly   interest charge of $800-$900 was impossible to pay.

·       We spent most of this time watching our house being torn apart and rebuilt from the studs outward. All paint colours, flooring, lighting, carpeting etc. had to be replaced and this all took a lot of time. We spent time and money travelling to home renovation stores, to pick out colours, carpeting, flooring etc. All of this was done on a very tight time schedule and on top of working, and raising our family.

·       The insurance claim was finally closed 1 year after the event. We spent about 800 hrs of our time and energy on the “water event” and we never want to experience one again.

Even though we were taken care of well by our Insurer and our Restoration company this “ event “ was needless to say one of the most stressful and out-of-control times of our lives. We now understand that this all could have been prevented if we had known about a simple device called the AquaTrip which was introduced to us by Kyle Sigouin our Project Manager and the founder of Damage Control Pro . We now have the AquaTrip installed in our home so we can go to work or even a family vacation and know that we will not be coming home to a “water event” like this ever again. We encourage every homeowner to educate themselves about the AquaTrip and spend the small amount of money it takes to ensure you don’t experience what we did.

The Jacksons

Brian L. M.

British Columbia, Canada

Back in July 2016 we woke up to a water leak on three floors in our home. From the ensuite bathroom on the top floor down to the living room on the main floor to my office in the basement. We had a faulty tap and after 6 hours of water flowing we had $45,000 of damage.

Our Insurance Company introduced and recommended us to Kyle Sigouin at AquaTrip. Very soon after we decided to proceed with the installation of AquaTrip in our house. We have sensors under every water source such as the sinks in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, behind toilets, under the dishwasher etc. Fortunatley everything is monitored by our alarm company. We could not be happier with the knowledge, expertise and wonderful customer service provided by Kyle SIgouin and his team. They are extremely helpful and quick to respond to calls and emails.

We had our home re-piped by our plumbers and as there has been a change in water pressure there was some extra water being drained at our hot water tank. This water was overflowing some in our basement and fortunately the AquaTrip picked this up twice and shut off the water. If we did not have the AquaTrip set up in our home I am pretty sure we would have had another flood in our basement. In fact I have been telling many friends to consider getting this water alarm system and enjoy the peace of mind.

I have no hesitation in recommending Kyle and AquaTrip to others. They have done a wonderful job for us.

Rex K.

Cairns, QLD Australia​

I live alone and work as a helicopter pilot in Papua New Guinea, and I work two weeks away and then spend one week at home. I recently returned home from two weeks away to find my AquaTrip had shut off my water supply. Closer inspection revealed that my hot water heater had split and begun to leak quite badly. AquaTrip had detected the leak, turned off the water and saved my house from being flooded. Without AquaTrip the water would have run for up to two weeks. As my hot water system is INSIDE my house, the damage would have been extensive. It saved me from a disaster, and a LOT of money in repairs and water losses.

William C.

Brisbane, QLD Australia

I was initially alarmed at my high water bills, so installed an AquaTrip to make sure that I was not losing any water to leaks.  As soon as it was installed it detected a leak, which turned out to be a leaking toilet, this was repaired and a second leak in the shower wall cavity was discovered. This was in turn isolated and repaired. Unbelievably, a third leak was detected, which turned out to be a cracked mains pipe in the garden. AquaTrip has reduced my water bill considerably and without it, I would be still wasting water and money. I also use the AquaTrip real time water consumption display to keep an eye on my consumption. For once, I can actually see how much water I am using and what my water is costing me.  I would recommend it to EVERYONE...

Michele S.

Yatala, QLD Australia

I have a large block of land and kept receiving what I felt were unreasonable water bills.  My husband heard about AquaTrip, and we decided to have one installed by our local plumber.  Sure enough, right after installation, the AquaTrip began picking up a leak somewhere.  After a lot of head scratching, and working together with the plumber and a leak detection company, we discovered that quite a bit of the old underground irrigation piping was leaking.  We would have never known about these leaks, was it not for the AquaTrip, and would have been paying for all this wastage for who knows how long? Well, the AquaTrip keeps a close finger on our water 'pulse' now, and alerts us from time to time to taps are left dripping and when my hubby leaves the hose on in the pool.  This is a highly recommended product!

Mike M.

Gosford, NSW Australia

My AquaTrip has been a revelation. The real time water consumption and cost data has made me much more water wise.  In the past two years, the AquaTrip has detected several different leaks and where taps have been left running or toilets cisterns have stuck open with the water running straight into the bowl, and not filling the cistern. A VERY clever invention. I must say that I would now feel very insecure if I did not have one. 

Toni C.

Upper Coomera, QLD Australia

I was very conscious of my water bills with the rising cost of water, so I decided to fit an AquaTrip to monitor my consumption and protect me from wasting water through unknown leaks.  My AquaTrip is connected to my water meter and now I can instantly see how much water I am using and what it has cost me. Plus I have the peace of mind that if I ever have a burst pipe or leak, AquaTrip will be there to save me.   I also like the fact that I can easily turn off my water when I leave the house for extended periods. My hubby likes that fact that he can turn the water off directly from the AquaTrip Control Panel when he needs to change a Tap Washer!  I seriously think that every single home should have one of these.

Paulette R.

Gordon, NSW Australia

We recently renovated our home, and having suffered significant damage from a leaking pipe in the wall before the renovation, we decided to install an AquaTrip as a safety measure, after one of our friends fitted one. Well only two months after our renovation, the small flexible hose that feeds the water dispenser in our new fridge blew off,  and thanks goodness the AquaTrip was there, It happened over night while we were home but asleep. We woke in the morning to hear the AquaTrip control panel beeping, I checked the Info button and was told that a leak had been detected, I looked around and found a puddle of water around the fridge, without AquaTrip detecting the hose burst it would have flooded the house and all our renovation work would have been ruined. Thanks for a really useful product.  

Ray R.

Gold Coast Qld Australia

I had received numerous excess water bills caused by unknown leaks, and decided to install an AquaTrip to alert me to any future leaks or occasions where I could be using excess water unknowingly. Since then it has alerted numerous times when taps have been left running or underground leaks appeared which I would otherwise been unaware of until a huge excess water bill arrived, which is what happened to me several times before. We usually do not even know it is there until it needs to tell us of a plumbing problem - a very useful product.

Marcus P.

Brisbane, Australia

I live on a property with a rain & council trickle fed tank for my water supply.

I have lost count of the number of times that my AquaTrip has detected taps not shut off properly.  It has twice saved me when I have topped up my pool and forgot that I left the hose running.  A very clever invention.

It has also been useful to get my teenage kids out of the shower, as they know if they are in the shower for too long the AquatTrip will shut off the water!

Dominic C.

Cairns, Australia

I recently built a brand new home adjacent to my business, and before construction a friend told me about AquaTrip. I had my builders install one at the time of building, which added next to nothing to the cost of the building, besides the cost of the AquaTrip.

Well, GUESS WHAT?  Immediately after the water supply to the house was commissioned, the AquaTrip started cutting the water.  I pointed this out to the builder, and told him there is a problem with the plumbing, and he said 'no-way mate!'.  Sure enough, we eventually discovered that one of the brand new toilets was faulty, and had to be replaced. Hooray AquaTrip.

I also had another major save, as I left the garden hose tap on, with the trigger nozzle shut.  At some point, the hose popped off, and was it not for the AquaTrip, the water would have run for hours.  It paid for itself then and there.   NOBODY should be without an AquaTrip.

Alan W.

Grahamstown, South Africa

After several instances of copper pipe theft in our neighbourhood and the resultant wastage of large volumes of water, I decided to install an Aquatrip. Within the first day, the device had revealed two leaking toilet cisterns. 


It is reassuring to know that any leaks that may develop will be speedily identified and that while one is away, water loss due to copper pipe theft will be minimized automatically. A great product that everyone should install.

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